Cemil le Kurde

Bon, Cemil (se prononce Djamil) est le nom qui m'a été attribué dans le village kurde où je m'étais un peu sédentarisé ces derniers temps, 3 semaines. Peut être pour cela que je n'ai pas trop donné de nouvelles... hop hop tac tac, je me donne un coup de coude et j'y remédie.. nous sommes alors le 29 octobre.

Et je suis un peu désolé, mais il y a encore de la longueur, je raconte plus d'un mois et demi, en gros la Turquie, et il y a quelques passages intenses que je détaille.. cela ne vas pas, il faudrait que j'écrive plus souvent quand même..

English, extra short

Hello people who understand english. I resume my last 50 days in few sentences. Today, I am still in Turkey.. but on the way to Georgia and Azerbaidjan, where there is a boat to go to Kazakhstan.

End of october, I hitchhiked from Bursa to the south coast, near Fethiye. The weather was not so good. At the beginning of november, I was in Cappadoce, area in the center of the country, with 2 friends, so nice. After that, I took the road to the east, but I stopped for 3 weeks in a village from 'Kurdistan', Narince, near Adıyaman.

In this place, I worked to make ciment on a road in mountains. Really good experience but the work was so hard. The life in the village was so exciting. It was difficult to leave the place but I had to go.

I was not sure to go through the area of kurd people but there is no danger and it is really safe. I went to Diyarbakır, then Batman and the road to Van's lake. In this moment, beginning of winter, the weather is cold and I have to find good solutions to sleep. I slept in a cafe, in a mosquee, in a bus station..

Doğubayazıt, 35 kms from Iran, there is a palace so beautiful and really big montains, 5100m. During nights, temperatures are maybe -10 degres. Now, I am on the way to Geogia. I am mot sure to go to Erzurum because it would be only to get a visa to Iran and I have forgoten this option.

See you later and I wish you really good things to the end of the year. To conclude, I give you something : the web site of my travels... in french...

Cemil le Kurde