Almaty (Kasakstan) le 21 février 2007
Zdrastvuyte, kak dila my friends ?!!

Well, I am so sorry for the lack of news, about 2 months during I did not write anything. Right now, I do my job and I inform you about my travel.

In the middle of December, I was in the east of Turkey on the way to Georgia. I entered this last country during a night, so excited to discover a new way of life. I stayed in Georgia for Christmas and New Year. In fact, I met some good people and I had a place to stay safely, it was ok. I was two times for short period north of Tbilissi on the way to Russia : ski and good walk in mountains.

Azerbaijan, my aim was to take the ferry to cross the Caspian Sea and to arrive in Kazakhstan. 2 days after I entered the country, I arrived in Baku. I had my kazakh visa and the ferry was here, waiting for me, yes my brother.

I arrived in Kazakhstan the 8th of January, like in a new world, with new people, the beginning of Asia. It took me 12 days to go to Almaty, about 3500 kms from Aktau. 12 days of crazy hitchhiking in the steppe, from the west part to the east part of the country, with cars and trucks. It was a so exciting adventure. The weather was not so cold, about 0, -5°C the most of the time. In the middle of my trip, I had –25°C during one night, but not colder than this.

Almaty, rich city, I met also some good people who work overthere. We became good friends, and maybe this is one of the reason I stayed a long time in this city with a good nightlife and beautiful girls. One month in Almaty, which costed me the same price than my 5 months and a half of travel from France to Kazakhstan.

Ok, now I take the road again, direction to Kyrgyzstan and then Tajikistan. See you, Adrien !

Dushanbe (Tadjikistan) le 6 mai 2007

This is a long long time I did not give any news, sorry. I am well, the weather is sunny, 35 degres, yihahaha, no problem. I am in Dushanbe , capital of Tadjikistan, since the beginning of April. I have stayed here because a lot of things to prepare for the next, and to take a rest too. But what happened before ?

I left Almaty , Kazakhstan , at the end of february. 2 days to get the border with Kirghizstan , a small border in a large valley between mountains, snow and sun. My first night is so exciting in a kirghiz family, dance and vodka.

Then, I take the way to travel in the middle of the country, after the Issikkul lake and Naryn. But I have some difficulties to continue, no cars, maybe the road is closed further.. bad idea. So, I go quickly to Bishkek during a night, just before my visa expires.

Few days around Bishkek, capital of Kirghizstan , in mountains. After that, I am invited in the family of a Kamaz driver. I stay 4 days, the people are so nice, I have really good time and good parties too, in the countryside.

Road to Osh , more in the south, with a truck, and I continue my travel direct to the border with Tadjikistan, after Sary-Tash. My plan is to enter the Pamirs area, the big mountains (... Pic Communism 7495m, Pic Lenin 7134m ...) situated east of the country.

The trip is crazy, only with local trucks, ZILs. After a pass at 4655m, we arrive in Murghab during a night, it is windy and not so warm, but no snow. We are about 3600m of altitude. I stay few days in a family before to leave quickly to Khorog, capital of the Pamirs area. In fact, there is a big problem because I entered this area without the special permition, the police is waiting me.

Khorog, I am late to be registrated in the country too. Ok ok.. blablabla blablabla, at the end I need to pay a fee, about 300$ because my fault, aie aie aie !! I try everything to avoid this bill, but I do not have choice. Fuck, but no problem, it is not a desaster.

I stay one week in the area of Khorog because I need to wait for money (all is closed because holidays of Navruz). The place is so beautiful, it is unbelievable : rivers in valleys, big mountains, border with Afghanistan , avalanches of snow on roads, people so nice. I have really good time.

Then, road to Dushanbe , about 600kms. I do it with another ZIL during 2 days and one night. The trip is quite long and hard because a big avalanche on the road, crossing of rivers... Finish the snow, now the land becomes green. We are in the west part of Tadjikistan.

Dushanbe , I take a flat for one month and it is not so bad. I thought to be very quite here but I have too much misery with administration, new visa, permitions, blablabla.. I become really tired about documents and waiting. Anyways, the spring is here and the city is good.

Ok, Axel, a friend, is coming tonight.. and we are going to the Pamirs area together with a motorcycle I bought here (the russian side-car, fantastic when it works) and some staff to trek and climb.

Bye bye, see you nesquik !! Adrien.

Dushanbe (Tadjikistan) le 3 juillet 2007
Good morning, good afternoon !!

Well, I write you from Kirghizstan. My trip in Tadjikistan took end 10 days ago. I have been staying in this last country for more than 3 months. Now the next stage is to go to China and Tibet...

I resume the last two months : beginning of may, I met my friend Axel in the international airport of Dushanbe. We have 5 weeks together to go to the Pamirs area by motorcycle, to go for trekking in mountains and to have a lot of fun.

5 days in Dushanbe to finish to prepare everything and also the visit of the french military base, in the old airport. The weather is really sunny in the city and the girls are looking for us but it is time to leave.

10 days from Dushanbe to Murghab, about 900kms, with our Oural, the best of the best russian motorcycle. The trip is so crazy, the landscape is so beautiful, we are alone on the road... Few problems with the motorcycle, one first pass at 3200m, another one about 4200m, but everything is ok. Sometimes we need to cross some small rivers, at the end we have some snow.

We enjoyed so much this part of the trip. We met a lot of nice people who helped us when we had problems. And it was so good to be free like this... "ok, do we take this road? yes, of course, why not?" Slepping outside in tent or in house of local peole, all is allright.

Murghab, about 3600m, we sold the motorcycle. We cried too, but the moment was so good to sell it in the small market of the village, really exceptionnal atmosphere.

Direction Karakul, 200kms north, where we began a trek with heavy bags. Our aim was to cross the mountains by a easy trail of 100kms. Unfortunately, our shape-health was not ready to do it. After a night with sheperds and their sheeps, in the middle of nowhere, we went back to the main road and to Murghab.

The next week, we are in the Wakhan corridor, border with Afghanistan, south of the main city Khorog, road by Ishkashim. There, we spent 5 days in mountains, on the Karl Marx mount (summit at 6723m). So beautiful, base camp at 3700m, one camp at 4300m, we walked up to 4870m, but to much snow after and some avalanches.

Way back to Dushanbe, 25 hours with two chineese cars, so funny. One night in the central park of the capital, and we still have 4 days to go to the Fans Mounts, north of Dushanbe. We took the road with trucks and after that, really good time for 2 days near a beautiful lake, Iskanderkul. We are alone.

Night from 13 to 14 June, Axel took the plane to go back to France. Bye bye my friend. Then, I stayed 5 days more in Dushanbe, specially because I have really good friends and we made the party together, so good.

Time for me to leave the city, my tadjik visa expires in one week. I took the road to Khudzhand, north-west oh the country, with also 3 days in mountains on the way. The road-trail is in construction and chineese people are working overthere. The work is crazy.

Ok, I left Tadjikistan on 23 June, from Isfara. I was in Batken, Kirghizstan... Batken-Osh, 230kms, I took time on the road, the weather is so hot. Osh, then Bishkek where my brother just arrived yesterday : we go to Tibet together !! really good trip with a movie project. I will tell you more in the next message.

See you my friends, Adrien !!

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